Economic Development, Social Development and Environmental Protection are three pillars of Sustainability. Since sustainability is a core part of our vision and mission, we are striving to make our organisation a sustainable enterprise by being an active contributor to economic and social development and by taking measures to minimise our environmental impact. To make this a reality, we have aligned ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the United Nations. We have adopted 4 of the total 17 goals.

Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

The first initiative we have taken to establish an interconnected sustainable enterprise is venturing into organic farming. In organic farming, no harmful chemicals are used, ensuring that the produce is fresh and clean and results in comparatively fewer carbon emissions.

Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

We are steadily increasing our investment in solar energy. Solar lights are used to light up the garden areas at the Thinnai hotel and the farm. A limited number of solar lights have been installed at the driver’s quarters as well. Moreover, 20 units of solar-enabled hot water systems are installed at the hotel and the farm.

Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

The Thinnai Hotel and Thinnai Organic employ the local community. The Thinnai also provides subsidised free training and development in the hospitality industry with funding from Gnanam Education Trust.

Our handicrafts brand “Semman” exclusively sources its uniquely designed products from the Northern Province. The suppliers are women’s groups that were affected by the civil conflict. Thinnai also buys as much as possible from local suppliers.

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

We have taken several measures to ensure sustainable consumption. We use energy-saving LED lights in The Thinnai Hotel buildings and rooms while timers are being used for garden and room signage lighting.

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Sustainable Development Initiatives

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